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How to Survive Google Algorithm Updates

Having your website in the search engine results is one thing. Staying on top of the search results is quite another. Someone once said that a popular website in the search engine results is like balancing on a log that is floating on water. If you make one wrong move,…
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How To Prepare Your Business Website For Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and you should be getting ready to make the most from the holiday rush. For most businesses, now is the time when they experience the biggest sales volume of the year. So, a huge chunk of your annual revenue is at stake, and the marketing…
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IT’S HERE! Google Confirms the Release of Penguin 4.0

It’s here and it’s official! Google has confirmed that they are rolling out another Google Penguin algorithm update last Friday, September 23, 2016. This is nearly two years after they have released Penguin 3.0. As a recap, the Penguin algorithm has been created by Google to serve as a spam…
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8 Digital Marketing Steps To Consistently Attract And Convert More Customers

The sole purpose of internet marketing is to continually attract the right visitors to your website, engage them and convert them from mere spectators to active, paying customers. Attracting visitors to your website without putting into strategies to convert them is a waste of resources because what matters at the…
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Small Businesses Find SEO Difficult

Reasons Why Startups and Small Businesses Find SEO Difficult

SEO is getting harder; and it is especially difficult for small businesses and startups more than the big firms. You have probably noticed that the PPC ad prices have been exponentially increasing and have been occupying more and more of the search engine results page; thereby reducing the limited chance…
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How to Boost Your Brand with the Help of SEO

How to Boost Your Brand with the Help of SEO

Creating a strong sense of brand awareness is a crucial part of the success of every company, no matter how big or small, and the advertising medium of the day is definitely the World Wide Web. This is because it has given us the ability to connect instantly with others…
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history of marketing

Interactive Timeline: The History and Evolution of Marketing

Digital Search Group has created an interactive history timeline to show you how marketing methods have changed throughout the years. In the timeline, you will learn how marketing has evolved from traditional methods to modern, digital strategies. The timeline reflects the evolution of marketing from the early use of flyers, radio and…
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Tricks to Attract Searchers

Tricks to Attract Searchers and Boost Your SEO Rankings

As the years pass and the SEO industry gets older, Google makes it more evident in its updates that user experience is VERY important. It’s so important that it makes page load time, internal links, bounce rate, and traffic source one of its ranking signals. These are just some of…
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track the results of your efforts

Important Questions your Prospective SEO Company Should be able to Answer

When considering all of the currently available advertising mediums, digital marketing agencies are still relatively new to the game, and the industry is one that is characterised by dynamic changes and bursts of growth here and there, especially with regards to new firms. Having said that, there are local and…
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Simple SEO Tips to Local Search

Local SEO Simplified for 2016: 5 Factors to Keep an Eye On

After analysing the top SEO trends for 2016 in search of helpful ways to simplify SEO for brands of all sizes, I've compiled them into one easy-to-follow master guide. Whether you are just getting into the SEO market for the first time or you're looking for ways to identify the…
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