When partnering with our team of professional SEO experts, we work with you as an extension of your business to help you succeed, without the concern of long-term contracts and the like. We are a professional SEO agency London businesses can rely on and we follow 4 simple steps to ensure we’re delivering quality search engine optimisation services that drive high levels of ready to spend traffic:

SEO services with 4 Steps to Success

Why not maximise your chance to succeed online? With the help of our professional SEO services, London based and national businesses can take take online assets to the next level. Some quick facts about us:

  1. 90% client conversion rate - we work with the vast majority of our clients from the day we launched in 2010
  2. Averaging 40% growth in organic search traffic traffic YoY 
  3. Honest services with transparent reporting 
  4. Dedicated point of contact 
  5. The list goes on....  

We offer professional SEO services London businesses can rely on, opening a whole new world of opportunities to our customers. While today’s search engines are incredibly sophisticated, they still struggle to find and understand a web page the way us humans do. One of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation is to ensure users can understand your website and that search engines like Google can clearly understand what your website is all about.

A professional SEO agency will map out a content strategy for a client website from the very beginning, which is ultimately one of the highest priorities in the beginning of a campaign - finding the best keywords and planning goals on how to get the most visibility. 

Stage 1: Full SEO Services Audit

Our dedicated London SEO experts conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your website to address the current strengths and weaknesses. A thorough audit is important to ensure an SEO agency leaves nothing slipping through the optimisation cracks and keeping a client from achieving the goals:

SEO services site audit

Stage 2: SEO Keyword & Market Research 

In stage 2 we focus our efforts on competitor market research and work with a client to ensure meaningful keyword research. The aim of this process is to identify and agree the most important areas of your business, outline exactly where we focus the London SEO services campaign in the short/long-term and have goals in mind. Once we have prepared the target phrases, we can then prioritise the landing pages we're going to target for each keyword, prepare additional page-specific optimised content (to make sure the pages are 100% relevant to our target terms) and either optimise existing content OR write fresh and optimised content for the target pages.Market & Keyword Research for London SEO services

Stage 3: Technical SEO Services

As a professional SEO agency London clients can rely on, we produce easy to follow and practical technical update instructions to ensure the high priority optimisation is at the top of the list and your website achieves some quick wins ranking-wise. This is a critical stage because with issues such as duplicate content, limited niche relevancy for target keywords in content and many other items, you stand little chance of gaining first page positions.  

Stage 3: SEO expert implementation

Stage 4: Monthly Campaign Reporting

There's nothing more important to us than making sure you are updated on your campaign at all times. Your dedicated account manager will deliver ranking reports, site performance reports and link/offsite marketing reports to ensure you have a record of our work and understand our strategy Month to Month. If you've engaged with a company to deliver SEO services in London or beyond and they didn't provide reporting, how can you be sure that your marketing budget is being put to good use? With Digital Search Group Limited's SEO services, London businesses are always well informed and enjoy a transparent relationship.

Reporting for SEO services London

Professional London SEO Agency Goals

The goal of Digital Search Group is to provide up-to-date and innovative SEO services in London and across the country.  Below is an illustration of how we approach the process with our clients and what we feel will happen - ultimately, this will be a success:

London SEO agency success

Sample Services List 

Providing successful SEO services is time-consuming and requires a lot of hard work and effort. We are an SEO agency London clients feel confident in knowing we're built with 40+ dedicated technical staff who are focused on research and development, enterprise level service delivery and providing a full service solution. 

Below is a sample of the type of activities involved in an SEO Campaign: 

  • In-Depth Website Audit
  • Competitor Market & Keyword Research/Planning
  • Content Optimisation/SEO Copywriting
  • SEO Website Implementation 
  • Evergreen Blogger Outreach
  • History Timeline Blogger Outreach
  • History Timeline Creation
  • Powerpoint Design & Content Marketing
  • PDF Design & Content Marketing
  • Image Content Marketing
  • Strategic Local Citation Creation 
  • Press Releases
  • Backlink Audit & Link Removal
  • Social Media Optimisation 
  • Reputation Management

Based on your ambitions/budget, our search engine optimisation experts will compile a meaningful strategy that will ensure you get the best return on your investment into online marketing. We are honest, transparent and hard working - why not put us to the test?!

If you'd like a sample of our work, please contact us to request a FREE SEO Performance Health Check (worth £300) that covers:

  1. Mini On-Page Audit 
  2. Competitor Backlink Analysis
  3. Backlink Health Check (if you've done SEO before, this is extremely insightful and could save you from a penalty)
  4. Initial Keyword Research including Ranking Analysis & Monthly Search Volume

If you feel like every SEO company is the same, contact us so we can show you the difference between Digital Search Group and the competition. 

Tell us about your project....

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