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Important Questions your Prospective SEO Company Should be able to Answer

When considering all of the currently available advertising mediums, digital marketing agencies are still relatively new to the game, and the industry is one that is characterised by dynamic changes and bursts of growth here and there, especially with regards to new firms. Having said that, there are local and…
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Google's Newest Search-Algorithm Update RankBrain

An Introduction To Google’s Newest Search-Algorithm Update RankBrain

The ability of the humans to clearly recognise patterns is an established fact. However, it is not easy for humans to recognise patterns on a massive scale as in the case of millions of websites that are there on the World Wide Web. Computing machines, on the other hand, can…
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A Close Look at Good Links and Bad Links and What Makes Them Different from One Another

Backlinks represent one of the core elements of good SEO not only because they help build credibility, but also because they can get your website ranked higher in search engines. It makes sense to actively seek link-building opportunities, and take advantage of each one when possible. But not all links…
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Get Your Small Business to Join the Big Leagues Using SEO

Search marketing has become a standard feature in our everyday lives. From large corporations to small businesses, every company has incorporated search marketing into their digital marketing strategy, competing for a handful of positions at the top of SERPs. Mega-corporations like Walmart have been around for many years, so it’s…
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Google Penalties 2

Submit A Detailed Reconsideration Request and Reverse Google’s Penalty Quickly

Google has been constantly updating its algorithm, which has helped in solving the issue of having too much spam in the search results. And with the announcement of the latest update for Penguin, there are websites that have been penalised because of their activities on the Web. Most of these…
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6 Month KPI Projection for our SEO Packages

How Long Does it Take for SEO to Work? 6 Relevant Factors That Influence SEO

When it comes to SEO, a huge number of marketers are wondering how long their strategies will take to provide visible results. Unfortunately, the process of SEO is influenced by a number of parameters that website owners cannot control, making it impossible to determine how fast the results will actually…
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9 Helpful FREE EBooks for SEO Beginners

Getting started with SEO can be overwhelming. With the multitude of new terminology and implied mastery of the amorphous entity that we know as the internet, many are put off before they ever really get going. To make things easier, below is a collation of nine handy SEO e-books that…
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Ethical Processes of Building Online Partners

Brand and Blog: To Have A Successful Online Marketing Campaign, Stick Them Together Like Glue

One of the most frequent queries I receive is how to drive organic web traffic to a company’s site. Some of the answers are obvious, and require a serious investment of cash in advertising. However, while advertising may help to temporarily raise a company’s profile, becoming perceived as an industry…
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Fresh From The Google Zoo: Panda and Penguin Penalties and How to Recover From Them

Google has been sending web publishers into a downward spiral with its love for alliteration in its Pandas, Penguins, and Penalisations. But what can you do if you think you’re being penalised? Shouldn’t you find out first if you are? And which of these black and whites are you being…
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Breaking Down Multilingual and Multi-Regional SEO

You probably are some kind of SEO expert or developer if you are already reading this post. Why? It’s probably because you are already dealing with large and complex sites. These sites demand some expertise having taken the next step and this post will give you a guide to Multilingual and…
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