Submit A Detailed Reconsideration Request and Reverse Google’s Penalty Quickly

Google has been constantly updating its algorithm, which has helped in solving the issue of having too much spam in the search results. And with the announcement of the latest update for Penguin, there are websites that have been penalised because of their activities on the Web. Most of these are due to the number of unnatural links in order to score a higher rank in the search results.

Google Penalties

Some of the webmasters have no idea what they can do in order to reverse the penalty that has been laid on them. Just recently, there has been a lot of SEO’s and Webmasters who have given their opinion about what happened with the Thumbtack penalty – majority of the responses were unhappy at the speed of recovery. In June, Thumbtack was manually penalised by Google. But, they were able to reverse this penalty faster than most webmasters could expect. There are some of these webmasters who have protested against how fast this was reversed as it would usually take weeks or even months to act to it and have the issue cleaned up. There were those who said that Thumbtack was just given a special treatment because of its connection to Google. (Thumbtack is a company backed by Google Capital.)


On a video hangout, John Mueller of Google has clarified this issue. He explained that the team can act on this really fast especially when a detailed reconsideration request will be submitted to them. He added that there have been a large number of reconsideration requests that they have received in the past but most of them are of low quality. That means that it does not give enough detail as to what effort has been made to clean up their act. There are some requests which would go back and forth a couple of times before it would be approved. This is obviously frustrating for Webmasters and SEO’s alike, but also prompts for higher attention to detail first time around.

Mueller said that if you would be submitting a reconsideration request, it is best to provide details as to what has been done for the issue to be solved. It is better for it to be direct and to the point. It has to tell what exactly has been done to show that the issue has been cleaned up completely. By doing that, the request can be processed faster since they already know where they would be looking into.

When a detailed reconsideration request is submitted, Google can evaluate to see if the issue has already been cleaned properly. If they saw that all issues have been solved well, they can take note of that and process the removal of the penalty. Webmasters who have done a good job at this can get processed much faster than others – and that is what happened with Thumbtack.

If you are still having second thoughts about it, here is a video of John Mueller’s statement about this issue:

Take note of what Mueller said about these penalties so that in times where your website may have been penalised, you can also take the proper course of action to remove your penalty as soon as possible.

Talking about penalties, for Google, it does not matter who or what you are. It doesn’t even matter how bad your penalty is. As long as you’ve cleaned the issue and provided Google with a detailed report of the actions you have taken then you can be free from the penalty as quick as it can be.

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