Online Reputation Management Services (ORM) For Companies & Individuals

I've worked with Digital Search for just over a year and in that time our natural positions have improved so much that we now have many keywords on first pages from no where just a year a go. Their expertise has led to major improvements in the SEO quality of our site including structural and content changes, at their suggestion leading, to an improvement in sales by 25% at the moment which is rising. I had become very sceptical about the quality of SEO companies but slowly and surely they have restored my faith that there is actually somebody out there who genuinely knows what they are doing and can make a real difference.
Mark Ramsden
Mark Ramsden
08:08 23 Jun 17
It took some time but thank god we stuck with these guys, we were hit by penalties and dropped to page 12, after 18 months of long hard work it paid off and we are back on page 1. These guys know what they are doing
John Peaches
John Peaches
19:14 19 Feb 17
I worked closely with Joe and the team at Digital Search Group to improve the SEO performance of several of my websites. I can't speak highly enough about their skill, knowledge, and professionalism. I've dealt with some dubious SEO professionals in the past but my experience with DSG was fantastic. They audited my websites, highlighted some areas that needed improvement, and submitted disavow files. Because of their work my organic traffic has increased substantially since the last Google Penguin update. If you want a skillful and trustworthy SEO agency to help you improve your search performance, you'd be crazy not to use Joe and his team.
Brendan Brown
Brendan Brown
23:59 10 Nov 16
Digital Search and Joe have been assisting us with our Google Organic presence and visibility. They have done a great job in getting us results in the right way and for the long run. Joe is knowledgeable and personable throughout our conversations and always on top of things. I would highly recommend Digital Search when looking to get long term results in the SEO world, they don't cut corners and always keep you informed with their moves and work. Thank you Joe.
Diamonds For Less
Diamonds For Less
14:40 26 Oct 16
I became introduced to DSG at the end of 2015. I am typically very sceptical about SEO companies as I would receive numerous phone calls from many companies claiming they can get me on page one on Google. However after speaking to Joe, I was encourage by his knowledge more than his optimism. I instantly felt he knew what was required to improve my search rankings and he described to me how he will achieve this rather than trying to sell me what he will do. After 6 months I can say I have been delighted with the results. My website is now in the top 4 spot of the majority the key search terms I wanted and we are now doing better than larger firms with undoubtedly larger budgets than myself. Highly recommend especially to anyone who is as sceptical as me!!!
Michael Dyble
Michael Dyble
12:33 25 May 16

Online reputation management services are here to help you change bad publicity into good publicity. Whether a company or an individual, having a bad online reputation is not going to do you good. The significance of a positive reputation cannot be more emphasised.  Over time, you will realise that it pays to have a brand that’s trust-worthy to customers. And a bad reputation can be near unrecoverable. When something negative happens, for example a negative remark or a false claim or even if it was an innocent mistake on your part, it will always linger at the back of the minds of your customers when they wish to interact with you.

online reputation management services for companies and individuals

Here’s where online Reputation Management services come in. The best form of online reputation management is to promote positive brand-related content to ensure positive sentiment is fund when users search for your brand. We all accept that a business’ reputation is definitely its most valuable asset. Online marketing is all about building our brand. We invest in our brand because we want it to grow and we believe that marketing will make the business boom. Once this brand receives a bad reputation, the whole business gets dramatically affected. Protecting your brand is the whole idea of Reputation Management. It’s cleaning what gets dirty!

Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

Image is Everything! At Digital Search Group, we improve you brand’s image. We know the devastating results of an angry customer on the internet. At Digital Search Group, our online reputations management services will give you these benefits:

  • Eliminate negative sentiment from search engine results
  • Increase the trust factor of your brand
  • Improvement of your brand’s image
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Increase in customer satisfaction resulting to increase in revenue
  • Additional traffic potential to drive new business

The online reputation management team at Digital Search Group will monitor your brand mentions and act quickly to ensure negatives are turned into positives. To find out more, contact us now and see how we can turn things around with our online reputation management services.

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