Local SEO for Builders Merchants & Building Material Marketing

The construction industry is one of the largest industries in the UK, and marketing strategy should be foremost in the minds of suppliers to the building trade to ensure they stay ahead in a hugely competitive market. Whether you need SEO for building materials or SEO for Construction Contractor Services, our team can help you get more leads and funnel qualified traffic to your company website. We provide SEO for building material suppliers up and down the country. With our builder’s merchant marketing services, we will demonstrate how to increase website traffic and put websites in front of a target audience actively searching for your products or services.

SEO for builders merchants and building materials marketing

01Local SEO for Builders Merchants by the #1 Building Supplies Marketing Company

DSG UK has built a reputation for providing high-quality search engine optimisation and builders’ merchant marketing strategies that drive search engine results for companies that supply materials and construction services. Our SEO agency has been doing this for more than ten years, proving that what we do works and results in a website ranking higher on SERPs.

SEO For Home Builders Requires A Specialised Approach

Construction companies and builders merchants must take a precise approach to online marketing and SEO. Due to the nature of the industry, individual business locations, and consumers, may require a blend of local and national SEO. Getting your GMB set up correctly, keyword research, highly relevant content, and high authority backlink building takes time and a high level of experience and knowledge to complete and successfully fulfil the requirements of a search engine such as Google. The construction industry is highly competitive, and for construction companies to maximise their potential, search engine optimization should be done by a professional agency like Digital Search Group.

02Specialised SEO Services for Builders Merchants

Our building merchants marketing agency specialises in providing local SEO services to local and national merchants. Local SEO includes, but isn’t limited to, adding location keywords to content, Google my business profile optimisation, building NAP citations, and link building. A localised SEO strategy is essential for keeping you ahead of your competitor in your geographic business location and standing out to potential customers.

What Are The Benefits Of SEO For Building Contractors?

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of SEO is more customers and clients for building contractors and building merchants. Marketing agency SEO services will build more trust and authority with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, placing you higher on SERPs and giving your company more online visibility.

03Proven High Performing Supplier SEO Strategies

Every SEO building material marketing services strategy we design is unique to that client, which is why we have created a successful model for getting our clients high up on search results pages. With a proven high-performance approach to optimisation, builders merchants have seen a massive jump in qualified traffic visiting a website, and conversion rates have been steadily increasing.

Why Do You Need SEO for Your Construction Company?

Suppose you run a construction company or builders merchant supplying those in the industry. Partner with Digital Search Group UK and improve your online visibility and organic search website traffic. An optimised strategy and website that can be easily found in the search results by potential customers put you in a commanding position ahead of the competition.

04Building A Successful SEO Strategy For Construction Companies

Our industry experience as a search engine optimisation agency has seen many businesses earn incredible success utilising our uniquely designed building materials marketing strategies. Having potential clients find your website through organic search takes a pinpoint, accurate strategy, which is what we specialise in, and we have a proven track record.

SEO For Homebuilders: How Construction Companies Rank In Search

SEO for homebuilders will require a blend of technical, on-page, and off-page search engine optimisation to build a fully rounded SEO strategy. Local SEO, as well as national, would be required to have the best reach and give visibility to potential customers. Each component of a construction firm’s unique strategy gets designed to increase organic traffic in search engine results and provide that construction company with higher rankings and more customers.

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Best Building Supplies SEO Expert Tips

The SEO experts here at Digital Search Group have curated some essential SEO tips for the search engine optimisation of a website. These pointers will provide some pointers for merchants looking to optimise their building blocks marketing, marketing of timber, or any other building material supplies, enough information to begin building a strategy that will allow them to rank higher than most other websites and run a successful SEO campaign.

1. Do Keyword Research

Using the right keywords in on-page content is essential for SEO success. Keyword research tools like Semrush and Ahrefs help compile a list of the main keywords or phrases related to your industry that users search for on search engines.

2. Place Keywords in Headings

You must include keywords in your content heading for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a user is far more inclined to stay on your site if they see a relevant search term that they type into a search bar if they see it in a bold heading on a website page. Secondly, Google uses keywords as a ranking factor, so including them strengthens your SEO and bid for higher SERP placing.

3. Assign SEO Keywords To Relevant Pages

Once you’ve created a list of search terms, you can begin assigning those search terms to website pages so that you can create highly relevant optimised content. The building industry market is exceptionally competitive, so being proactive is essential.

4. Optimise Pages For Target Keywords

Optimising specific website pages with the right keywords is fundamental to any SEO strategy. This is where your keyword research and having a tactical content plan become invaluable. And remember, local search terms are essential for any location-based business.

5. Plan New Pages For Un-Tapped Keywords

When you do your keyword research, you’ll find previously undiscovered search terms that you can use to help plan and create new, highly important pages. Search engines love fresh new content, and marketing building products in this way helps tremendously in the push for a first-page placing.

6. Optimise for Local Search

Optimising for local search is all-important for metals, glass, cloths, plastics, and timber marketing for a builders’ merchant. Marketing in your geographical area by optimising your GMB listing, optimising for mobile devices, local link building, and ensuring NAP/citation consistency all play major roles in a successful SEO strategy.

7. Setup Google Webmaster Tools

It would be best if you took full advantage of the Google Webmaster Tools/ Google Search Console to truly understand what is happening during an SEO for building materials campaign. Google offers these tools to monitor the interaction between a website and Google and give you, the webmaster, feedback and data on search performance.

8. Build Up Trust With Authoritative Construction Website Backlinks

Earning the trust and being seen as an authority by search engines is vital. An extremely effective method of doing this is by building high-quality backlinks from other websites. Inbound links for building material marketing is a search engine optimisation tactic never to be ignored.

Need Help With SEO For Your Building Construction Business?

Suppose you run a construction company or builders merchant supplying those in the industry. Partner with Digital Search Group UK and improve your online visibility and organic search website traffic. An optimised strategy and website that can be easily found in the search results by potential customers put you in a commanding position ahead of the competition.

Why SEO for Construction Contractors or eCommerce & Local SEO for Builders Merchants?

Having been in the industry for over a decade, we have learned at Digital Search Group that most websites need help. Successful SEO is no easy task, and securing the services of a proven construction business SEO agency is the way to move forward and make serious waves in search results. If you’re in the construction industry and need to get and stay ahead of the competition, contact a team member here regarding building materials marketing. We’ll be happy to compile and plan an SEO and content strategy to move you up the placings on Google and other search engines. Contact us today to learn more!

SEO Builders Merchant Marketing FAQs

Many builders merchants will sell their building products with a delivery service, or customers will physically go to a builder’s yard or warehouse to collect materials. By conducting local SEO, you would use local search terms to optimise your content rather than search terms used nationwide. It is of little use to be found by consumers 300 miles away if you only have a delivery radius of 50 miles.

Depending on what is required, SEO services will run from £500-£25000+. Large nationwide multi-location construction companies will require a far greater budget than a small single-location family-run business. You can see from our SEO tips that construction SEO can need quite a heavy technical workload to be successful. Still, SEO for construction companies can be a game changer when a website is optimised for Google and other search engines.

DSG has been working on SEO in the building industry market for over a decade and has had great success with hundreds of clients. Every campaign we work on is unique, and we don’t use any ‘cut and paste’ methods to cut corners, as, in the long run, it is detrimental to our client and us as an agency. Everything from having the correct title tags to optimising for mobile devices makes a huge difference to search engines. We are the agency that can grow your building materials marketing efforts and place your website in front of your target audience, leading to more potential customers.